Tech Review

So I am still on Thanksgiving break with the family so I don’t have to time to make a video for Monday and I wanted to share these deals with you ahead of time! I hope you had a great Black Friday 2017 and even better Small Business Saturday 2017! It is time to talk about all the amazing Cyber Monday 2017 Deals!  So without further ado, I give all the amazing deals for Monday!

As most people know I am a real big proponent of the "leaders are readers" mantra. I am always new and amazing books on how to improve my work-life balance. I think I finally found the mother load of productivity books. As a web developer/digital marketer, I need to constantly manage my projects, update clients and not miss the details.

So I was checking my email today like I do every day and I received an email from a political podcast I follow about this amazing new course they were offering. So I click on it and land on this awesome landing page talking about the course and why I need to sign up today. So I decided to look into what they were using to promote their course. They were using a tool called ClickFunnels. You can learn more about them at .