7 years ago I was amazed by the social and digital marketing trends, and not really able to find a job do the 'economy', that I started a company called E-nception Enterprises. I had no idea how to really do digital marketing or build websites but I knew I could teach myself how to do it. I started my company because the agencies in my area were not very good. My family owns many small businesses and we were not able to final an affordable way to create a digital presence. In fact, most small businesses cannot afford a large-scale agency marketing plan. I wanted to create a company that would bridge that gap so the little guys could take advantage of the online world.

As most people know I am a real big proponent of the "leaders are readers" mantra. I am always new and amazing books on how to improve my work-life balance. I think I finally found the mother load of productivity books. As a web developer/digital marketer, I need to constantly manage my projects, update clients and not miss the details.