[Book Review] The Only Marketing Book You Really Need!

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[Book Review] The Only Marketing Book You Really Need!

I have never been so excited about a book (well…business book) like this before! A book that totally encompasses how a business should be run online. A book that totally fits the model I follow for running my business and helping my clients!

So what book am I talking about??

Well, I am talking about Building a StoryBrand by Donald Millar! You may have heard of Donald (Don…Donnie) Millar before from other titles such as ‘Blue Like Jazz’. He began as a fiction writer but has since moved into the business world and started StoryBrand Marketing. StoryBrand takes all the knowledge Donald received as a writer writing for an audience and turned it into a simple formula for creating a brand story for your customers.

Why do you need to create a story for your brand? I am glad you asked!

A lot of times we want to tell our customers what they need to buy but not why they need what we offer. Why should they care that you have the best product on the market? How is your product going to help or change their lives?

That is where StoryBrand comes in. Donald and his team worked to create a simple framework to help you craft the story or message of your brand so that visitors to your brand know exactly what your business does and how you can help their lives.

You can check out Building A Story Brand book at the Amazon link below or visit their website at https://storybrand.com/


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