[Book Review] My Favorite Front-End Web Development Books

My Favorite Front End Development Books

[Book Review] My Favorite Front-End Web Development Books

As some of you may know I am a self-taught Front-End Web Developer with an education in marketing and digital marketing. In order to teach myself, I had to read A LOT of books on web design, SEO and more. Below are a few books that I found to be the most useful for learning the craft of web development and really understanding the methods.

The first books or books is a series of HTML, CSS and Javascript/JQuery. I really loved these books because I am more of a visual learner. They really take the time to break down things like the CSS box model or the DOM in a visual process instead of just lists another word in a long list of web development vocab words. I really recommend this book for anyone starting out in web development! Grab your copy at the link below!


The next book is a new book I am reading from the Big Nerd RanchI really like this books because it focuses more on the new technologies out there. There are a lot of resources out there like TreeHouse, CodeSchooland CodeAcademy to learn web development online but I can’t talk myself into paying for all of them. So I got the book from Big Nerd Ranch to get an all in one book to help me understand things like node.jsember.js, and angular.js in a more step by step and cheaper option.  Big Nerd Ranch has a few other books as well on Android, iOS and Swift development that you can check out as well. Grab your copy of their awesome book on Fron-End Development at the link below.


Another great book series to check out is the List A Part series Book A Part. They create small short books focused on specific web design or development topics to help you catch up on the latest tech and trends in the industry! Check them out at abookapart.com

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