Why I Got Out Of The Web Agency Business

Why I got out of the web agency business

Why I Got Out Of The Web Agency Business

7 years ago I was amazed by the social and digital marketing trends, and not really able to find a job do the ‘economy’, that I started a company called E-nception Enterprises. I had no idea how to really do digital marketing or build websites but I knew I could teach myself how to do it. I started my company because the agencies in my area were not very good. My family owns many small businesses and we were not able to final an affordable way to create a digital presence. In fact, most small businesses cannot afford a large-scale agency marketing plan. I wanted to create a company that would bridge that gap so the little guys could take advantage of the online world.

After reading many books on digital marketing and taking certification courses in Adobe‘s suite of products I was ready for my chance. I was given that chance but a small start-up (at the time), called ProctorU. They gave me the opportunity to run their social media, allowed me to update the website and create digital marketing plans. However, I wasn’t quite ready for the big leagues yet. I didn’t have the experience to really give them what they needed. I decided I really needed to improve my development skills and took a job at Student Life to work under my friend who was an amazing developer. After working there for a few years I wanted to know more so I began my Masters of Digital Marketing from Full Sail University and received my certification in AdWords from Google. I wanted to make my company an agency.

About this time I was watching a show called Rick’s Restorations with my Dad on the History Channel and found a new name for my business. I decided to rename my business Web Restorations because I wanted to help small businesses with old outdated websites have a brand new marketing presence just like they brought back to life old things on the show. I wanted to create a web agency that fulfilled this mission but I still needed a little more training. I left my job at Student Life to work for a marketing agency closer to my family in Florida as a Digital Marketing Manager. Working for this agency really helped me solidify my skills and after a while, I decided to go full-time with Web Restorations.

Over the next few years, I began to see a trend in the web agency business, especially in the small business industry. Most small businesses cannot afford a large agency and try to do everything themselves. They try to do their own digital marketing through social media and website builders like Squarespace and Wix. These services are great and there are a lot of tools out there to help you get your business off the ground yourself. The real question is do they know how to use all of these tools to properly promote their website and grow their business?

The answer is that most business owners don’t have a clue what they are doing and agencies don’t have time to help them. More and more people in America are starting their own business and the internet is making it easier to do so. That is why I decided to get out of the web agency business and into the web education business.  I decided to shift my business to a digital marketing consultancy that focuses more on educating current clients and new clients on how to market online through blogs like this, my YouTube channel and providing online courses to train anyone on how to market online. I provide these services to anyone so that the world can create a better web and people can really help their business while still taking digital marketing clients on a referral basis.

I see a dramatic shift coming for the web and I really think big web agencies will be left in the dust.

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