[Video] Who Is Ford Henley?

[Video] Who Is Ford Henley?

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Ford’s tech help! In today’s video, I wanted to dive into who I am and why I started this channel.

So here we go!

I am Ford Henley, I am a digital marketer and front-end developer with over 10 years experience in the biz. I am also a Google Certified AdWords Partner and working on my A + and Network + certificates. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing and a Master’s in Digital Marketing from Full Sail University.

I have worked for startups like ProctorU Online Proctoring as a media specialist. I worked for Student Life/Lifeway Christian Resources as a front-end developer and as a digital marketing manager for a local agency. Most recently I have been the owner of Web Restorations small biz marketing (soon to be Ford’s Tech Help).

Anyway, this is a quick overview of me. Please watch my latest video to learn more!

I hope to continuously improve my videos so please like, comment, share and subscribe so I can keep them coming!


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